Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a C-CONNECT SIM by sending an email to and placing your order.
You can also download the C-Connect app from the Play Store, App Store and Huawei App Gallery.
Simply call 135 from your C-CONNECT SIM card to the Customer Service Team free of charge or call (021)493 2701 where standard call rates apply. This customer service team is available from 07:00am - 17:00pm Monday to Friday, closed on Saturdays and Sundays. We are closed on public holidays. You can also email us at
C-CONNECT has roaming in place where customers can roam on voice and data at no extra tariffs. The 99c a minute (per second billing) tariff for any network any time will still apply. Data will cost 49c per MB while SMS messages will cost 39c per SMS.
Customers can top up with Airtime or data bundles using the C-CONNECT app, online at, by dialling (USSD) *105# or at participating outlets.
You can buy C-CONNECT top up vouchers from participating Blu Approved or GloCell Retail Solutions outlets.
Check your airtime or data balance by visiting and logging into your customer profile. Alternatively, you can dial (USSD) *105# from your C-CONNECT SIM card and follow the prompts.
RICA and activate your SIM to get your C-CONNNECT cellphone number. Register on our website, download our App or dial *105# to activate your Pocket.
Top up or buy Airtime, Data, RINGAS or Blu Voucher to receive 10% back in Cha-Chings directly into your C-CONNECT Pocket.
You will automatically be directed to your Pocket & Balances page as soon as you log into your account or you can dial (USSD) *105# and follow the prompts. Click on Buy/Redeem to access your Lifestyle products.
You can call the Customer Service department or email them at or Customer service will provide the customer with the PIN number or advise them how to change their PIN number.
Easy, just dial 132 – press YES/OK and listen to the voice prompts when calling from your C-CONNECT SIM.
Dial *111*cellphonenumber#. The recipient will receive a SMS with the text, "Please call me" followed by your 062 telephone number. This is restricted to 5 free messages per day. EG: *111*0620000000#
Bundles expire 30 days after being loaded however we do have non-expiring bundles available.
You can convert airtime to data on the C-CONNECT website, on our App or simply dial *105# and follow the prompts.
C-CONNECT offers a per second billing call rate of 99c per minute to any network at any time.
Facebook and WhatsApp are not free to use, these networks will use mobile data balance.
The airtime and data bundles are available in pre-selected amounts starting from R10 upwards. You can view the range of selected top up options on the C-CONNECT website and App under Products & Services.
Yes. If you are in an emergency dial 112 at no charge from any C-CONNECT SIM card.
Call the C-CONNECT Customer Service Team on 135 or (021)493 2701 and request a block on your SIM card. Once the cell phone is blacklisted it is rendered useless on all networks. Report the crime to your nearest police station and get a case number.
C-CONNECT is available on 3G and 4G / LTE networks depending on the device, location and coverage.
Yes, WhatsApp and Social bundles can be purchased from the C-CONNECT App, Website or via USSD.
Yes, we do offer number portability on the C-CONNECT App, website or by dialling (USSD) *105# and following the prompts.
SMS messages will cost 39c per SMS. Call rates are 99c per minute (a per second billing)
RICA stands for Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act 70 of 2002 and finally came into effect on 30 September 2005. Without the necessary documents required for RICA registrations, C-CONNECT is unable to activate the customer SIM card.
Customers will be required to show a certified copy of ID or valid passport (affidavit and driver’s license are not accepted). In order to successfully RICA, proof of residence is necessary (utility bill i.e Rates Bill, Telephone Account or Bank Statement no older than 3 months).